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  • Politicians don’t know what people want – most now think Brexit referendum should not have happened

    The General Election 2019 has been described as “the Brexit election” – but most people now think the 2016 EU…

  • General Election 2019 – where will your vote make the most difference?

    A digital democracy project has published its list of the UK parliamentary constituencies where single votes may make the biggest…

  • Is the General Election 2019 voter registration surge just “needless re-registering”

    Almost 200,000 people registered to vote on the first day of campaigning for General Election 2019 – but a digital…

  • International television interview about digital democracy for Rate Your Leader founder

    The founder of digital democracy app Rate Your Leader has been interviewed on international television. Joel Popoola was interviewed by…

  • There’s an election coming but can you vote in it? Free app lets voters know at touch of a button

    Enough people to fill a town the size of Exeter or Lincoln register to vote in just two days, but…

  • “Break up big tech firms” who won’t act on abuse – democracy app responds to MP abuse research

    The makers of a democracy app have called for politicians to break up big tech companies if they fail to…

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    “Scary” figures show just half of people think they can influence politics

    Almost two-thirds of Britons believe the political system is “rigged to the advantage of the rich and powerful” and only…

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     One in ten councillors have received death threats

    Former councillor admits online abuse “keeps you up at night and makes you ask yourself if the pride of serving…