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  • UK’s only abuse-proof social media app welcomes Ofcom’s internet watchdog role

    The makers of UK’s only abuse-proof social network have welcomed government plans to give communications watchdog Ofcom the power to…

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    Thumbs up for government efforts to give people power over policy

    An influential digital democracy pressure group is praising government trials of creative ways of increasing local people’s participation local decision-making.

  • Sick of elections? Bad luck –1500 more are on the way!

    There’s bad news for Britons sick to the back teeth of elections – over 1500 more are just around the…

  • Why not canvas your politician this Christmas election?

    Digital democracy campaigner: “It’s a trade secret that during elections candidates will generally only knock on the doors of people…

  • Politicians don’t know what people want – most now think Brexit referendum should not have happened

    The General Election 2019 has been described as “the Brexit election” – but most people now think the 2016 EU…

  • General Election 2019 – where will your vote make the most difference?

    A digital democracy project has published its list of the UK parliamentary constituencies where single votes may make the biggest…

  • Is the General Election 2019 voter registration surge just “needless re-registering”

    Almost 200,000 people registered to vote on the first day of campaigning for General Election 2019 – but a digital…

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     One in ten councillors have received death threats

    Former councillor admits online abuse “keeps you up at night and makes you ask yourself if the pride of serving…