Is the General Election 2019 voter registration surge just “needless re-registering”

Is the General Election 2019 voter registration surge just “needless re-registering”
6th November 2019 RYLadmin

Almost 200,000 people registered to vote on the first day of campaigning for General Election 2019 – but a digital democracy project is encouraging people to use it’s free app to check if they are already able to vote.

Government figures show over 177,000 people applied to take part in the December 12th poll on October 30th alone.

Of these, 59,000 applicants were under 25 – making it the greatest number of under-25s applying for voter registration in a single day since May 22nd 2017, the final day of registration before the last General Election.

A further 56,000 applicants were aged 25 to 34, with just 7000 over the age of 65.

Despite this, some observers have pointed out that many of these applicants are already registered to vote, with Willie Sullivan, director of the Electoral Reform Society quoted as saying:

“It’s an annoying reality that many of these applications will be already on the register, since there’s no way to check online if you are already registered.”

The Digital Democracy project has developed it’s free Rate Your Leader app to allow people to check if and where they are on the electoral role for the General Election 2019 with a touch of a button from their phones or tablets.

Joel Popoola, Founder of the Digital Democracy project, which deploys digital technology to bring electors and the elected closer together, said:

“Every election these days is greeted with a flurry of stories about a surge in voter registration – but it often turns out after the election that a significant percentage of these applications come from people who are already on the electoral roll needlessly re-registering.

“That said, with this election being called at such short notice and outside of university term dates, many students and under-25s have legitimate worries about whether or not they are registered to vote and where they are registered.

“One of the main motivations for creating the Rate Your Leader app was to solve these problems, allowing people to check whether or where they are registered to vote from a touch of a button straight from their phone, rather than clogging up the system and wasting their own time signing up to an electoral register they are already on”.

The Digital Democracy project’s free Rate Your Leader app allows confirmed voters to communicate directly with the elected representatives from their phones or tablets in a way which makes abuse impossible, as well as rating them for responsiveness

The Rate Your Leader app is available from the Apple and Google Marketplaces. The app

has a five star rating on the Google market, with one reviewer writing “This is the new level of politics…better communication of leaders with the electorates and accountability”.

An ever-increasing number of MPs, councillors, MEPs and Police & Crime Commissioners have already taken advantage of the free democracy app to stay in touch with the people who elect them and to get their message out to confirmed voters in their constituencies, helping them truly understand what matters most to the people who elect them.

The final date for registering to vote in General Election 2019 is November 26th.



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