Politicians don’t know what people want – most now think Brexit referendum should not have happened

Politicians don’t know what people want – most now think Brexit referendum should not have happened
27th November 2019 RYLadmin

The General Election 2019 has been described as “the Brexit election” – but most people now think the 2016 EU Referendum should never have taken place, including a third of Leave voters.

Figures from pollsters Opinium show twice as many people now think the referendum was a bad idea as a good one – evidence in the words of a digital democracy campaigner that “politicians don’t know what people want”.

57% of voters surveyed said they now believed it would have been better if the June 2016 referendum had not taken place – compared to just 29% of voters who believe it was right to hold the referendum.

Remain voters voted overwhelmingly against the desirability of the referendum – by a ratio of 87% to 7% – but the figures suggest that almost one-in-three leave voters also now think that the referendum was a bad idea.

The Digital Democracy Project – which uses digital technology to bring electors and the elected closer together – is encouraging voters to make sure politicians know what they want by downloading their free Rate Your Leader app.

The Rate Your Leader app allows confirmed voters to communicate directly with the elected representatives from their phones or tablets in a way which makes abuse impossible, as well as rating them for responsiveness.

Joel Popoola, head of the Digital Democracy project responded to the figures.

He said:

“The Prime Minister’s key message in the 2019 General Election is ‘get Brexit done’, but by the look of these numbers the majority of voters wish it hadn’t started in the first place.

“Voters say that politicians don’t know what people want, and these figures suggest that the might just be right.

“Some commentators have suggested that the sense that politicians had completely lost contact with the people they serve was one of the driving factors behind the vote to leave. If that is the case, digital democracy solutions like ours will become even more important when it comes to bringing Britain together.

“Our free Rate Your Leader app is designed to allow voters to interact directly, unspun and unmediated, with their own representatives in a way which makes abuse impossible. Maybe the General Election 2019 is the one where the voters will start canvassing the candidates!”

The Rate Your Leader app is available from the Apple and Google Marketplaces. The app has a five star rating on the Google market, with one reviewer writing “This is the new level of politics…better communication of leaders with the electorates and accountability”.

An ever-increasing number of MPs, councillors, MEPs and Police & Crime Commissioners have already taken advantage of the free democracy app to stay in touch with the people who elect them and to get their message out to confirmed voters in their constituencies, helping them truly understand what matters most to the people who elect them.


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